Postcard sent in 1943 delivered only 69 years later


The postcard was sent to Theresa and Pauline Leisenring from Elmira, New York. Although the postcard eventually reached its destination after 69 years it was unfortunately too late for the two Leisenring sisters. Theresa and Pauline died a long time ago. Madie and Hannah Podgorny are the two young girls who received the old postcard. They now live where the Leisenring used to live.

The postcard arrived in mint condition. This is why the two Podgorny girls were first shocked to see the postcard until they finally realized what happened after they read it. There are many stories of letters and postcards that arrived decades later. As our phone and utility bills always arrive on time some people might joke and say that this is what happens when one uses a “Forever Stamp”.


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