Two heart attacks during Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade


After he fell on his back people called an ambulance and rushed in to try and help him. At a first glance Blasetti did not seem to breathe anymore. Some people tried pumping his chest. His wife, who was wearing a similar clown outfit, tried to revive him by administering CPR.

The tragedy happened at West 39th and Sixth Avenue Street. The ambulance eventually managed to get there but because of the parade it was delayed. The man was later pronounced dead. It is still not clear if Robert Blasetti was a Macy employee as Macy’s spokesman Orlando Veras would not say if the man worked for them or not.

A civilian working for NYPD also suffered a heart attack at the parade. Unfortunately the heart attack was fatal. Charles Sutton was 58 years old and died while hooking up a car so that it can be towed off from the route of the parade.




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