The big wildfire in California destroyed more than 800 homes


Another 165 homes have been damaged by the fire, which also killed two firefighters and four civilians. It is the largest fire burning in California. After days of fortifying the areas around Redding, fire crews were increasingly confident that the city would escape further damage. The huge blaze is now 23 percent surrounded. It s moving toward the Rogue River. Northern California fire officials have added residents of two towns, Kelseyville and Finley , near Clear Lake, to the list of those ordered to evacuate.  Fire officials say the deadly blaze has slowed its growth after days of rapid expansion. 10,000 from the  27,000 evacuated people were allowed now to return home.


The Carr Fire is California’s deadliest blaze of 2018 so far, covering nearly 100,000 acres. Video of a so-called firenado from the Carr Fire has gone viral, showing a frightening tornado-like fire vortex that results from a massive wind updraft combined with the heat of a major blaze. A fire event of that magnitude is rare, experts say, further highlighting the erratic behaviors and conditions that keep taking California’s ongoing, catastrophic fires to new and unprecedented levels.


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