The Pawnee Fire, started in the weekend, forced evacuations in Spring Valley area, California


The fire also continues to expand, threatening hundreds of structures. The area is drier than normal. Cal Fire said the blaze was “out of control” and the threat to homes in the Spring Valley are was “imminent.” “Given the weather and the changes in wind direction, the fire is moving in multiple directions,” said Paul Lowenthal, assistant fire marshal for the Santa Rosa Fire Department. „It has the potential to get a lot bigger given the wind and the directions it’s being pushed,” he added. More than 235 firefighters have battled the fire.

The Pawnee fire

Resources dispatched to the disaster include firefighters on the ground, bulldozers and air tankers. Residents were being directed to the shelter established at Lower Lake High School. Rural Lake County was devastated by fires in the last years. A year earlier, the 76,000-acre Valley Fire killed five people and destroyed more than 2,000 homes and structures in and around Middletown, including Harbin Hot Springs and Hoberg’s Resort. Forecasters were warning of dangerous fire conditions because of high heat, strong winds and low humidity. Some other fires are active in the area. The causes are under investigation.


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