President Trump ordered the Pentagon to create a Space Force as a new military branch


In his projection, a part of his national security strategy, Trump sees an Air Force and a Space Force „separate but equal.”  “Our destiny beyond the Earth is not only a matter of national identity but a matter of national security,” he said. Trump did not go into details about what military role the new Space Force will have. However, he expressed goal that U.S. will not be surpassed by other countries, as China or Russia. Trump said also that U.S. will return to moon and soon will be on Mars. Trump also called for a build-up in the long term presence in space and signed a directive to manage space traffic with new guidelines for satellite design and operation.

Trump signed the Space Directive

The addition of a service branch would be the first in 71 years. The Air Force is the U.S. nation’s youngest branch and was added shortly after World War II. The creation of a Space Force has been debated for several years and the move has been opposed by the military. It’s not clear when the Space Force will be created. The text of the directive signed by the President has not been released.


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