Accident at a rollercoaster at Daytona Beach Bordwalk, Florida


Firefighters used ladders and rescue equipment to save passengers in the front of a derailed car and deployed a tower truck to rescue dangling passengers from the back two cars. They ended up rescuing 10 people. Six of the 10 who were rescued were taken to a hospital. The two who fell were more seriously injured. “The riders were very frightened and the firefighters were doing a great job of trying to make sure that everyone stayed calm so the rescue could go off successfully,” spokeswoman Sasha Stanton said. The Daytona Beach area was experiencing rain and lightning on the coast, though officials couldn’t say if weather was a factor in the amusement ride’s derailment.

Rescuers at the rollercoaster

It was also unclear when the ride was last inspected. The Daytona Beach Fire Department posted images and videos on its Twitter account showing the scene at the dangling roller coaster car. One of the videos showed the stranded riders being rescued using a ladder. The roller coaster is called the Sand Blaster. The Daytona Beach Police tweeted that it was assisting the fire department.

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