FBI arrests cargo worker in JFK iPad mini heist


Renel Rene Richardson, the cargo worker that was held by FBI agents for investigation, allegedly asked his co-workers about where he could find forklifts just before the night of the heist. The JFK iPad mini cargo was stole using airport forklifts. The thieves thus managed to move the cargo inside their own trucks and then safely drive away with the stolen merchandise.

Richardson was not alone. A criminal complaint filled in the federal court from Brooklyn details how two other people helped Richardson in this heist. According to court papers the man acted as a lookout for the rest of the thieves. After FBI finally arrested Richardson he was taken to accompany them in the search made in order to find the truck that was used in the heist.

FBI did not yet make any public statement in regards to the iPad minis whereabouts. It might be possible that the stolen iPad tablets were not yet found.


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