Kilauea volcano continues destruction in Hawaii, some residents arrested


Lava flows have covered at least 8 square miles in the Puna district. Kapoho Bay had been completely filled with lava overnight. Thousands have been forced to evacuate, and for some, it has been weeks since they were forced out. Rescue crews airlifted three people out of an area where they’d become trapped by lava Sunday morning but they were cited for failing to leave a disaster area. 18 arrests have been made in the past week due to residents loitering in a disaster area. Over the weekend, a 400-year-old lake vanished within hours after lava entered it and boiled away all of its water. Lava from nearby fissure 8 entered Green Lake Saturday, creating a massive plume of steam as it caused the body of water to fizzle away. The water completely evaporated.

Lava in Hawaii

It was the larger of the island’s two freshwater lakes. An explosion rocked Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano early Tuesday morning, spewing ash nearly a mile into the air and sparking an earthquake that registered 5.5 magnitude on the Richter scale. No tsunami was expected. There have been 9,900 earthquakes since May and more erruptions could happen. Kilauea’s volcanic haze reached territory of Guam. Officials warned residents and visitors to take precautions, as some could experience respiratory problems.


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