Six people killed in Arizona by „a very emotionally disturbed person”


Psychiatrist Dr. Steven Pitt, 59, paralegals Veleria Sharp, 48, and Laura Anderson, 49, hypnotherapist and life coach Marshall Levine, all of them having a connection to Jones’ 2009 divorce and custody battle, were between the murdered victims. Pitt also testified in the Jones’ divorce case, saying that Dwight Jones “poses a high risk to perpetrate violence toward mother, the minor child and/or himself.” Dwight Jones might be tied to a double murder in Fountain Hill;  the names of  those victims are Bryon Thomas and Mary Simmons. Jones accused his ex-wife’s attorney of spreading lie, on a material posted on YouTube.

Three of the six victims

Jones’ ex wife  is a Phoenix-area radiologist and author who was embroiled in a high-conflict divorce with him for years. She called Dwight Lamon Jones a “very emotionally disturbed person” and said she had “feared for my safety for the past nine years.” The court records say there was a minor child involved in the divorce case. Jones also appears to have had a Twitter account in which he directed messages to his son, writing, “open letter to my son …been trying to see you for years.your mom stop the visits!”


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