Teen guilty of first-degree manslaughter sentenced to Church


Sixty-nine years old Judge Mike Norman explained his sentence: “The Lord works in many ways. I’ve done a little bit of this kind of thing before, but never on such a serious charge”.

In December last year Alred had an accident and crashed his pickup truck. His friend John Luke Dum was sitting in the passenger seat. On impact he was ejected out of Alred’s Chevrolet car and died. Tyler Alred was 16 years old at that time and he was found to have been drinking before the deadly accident. He was asked to do the Breathalyzer test and although he was just below the legal alcohol limit, he had been drinking under-age.

For his deed Alred could have been sentenced to jail but because of his school record and clean criminal record the Oklahoma District Court Judge thought the kid needed a second chance. Alred received a 10 year deferred sentence and has to attend any Church he wants weekly. He also has to participate in different counseling groups and even wear an alcohol and drug bracelet. This sure beats Jail. The Judge hopes Tyler Alred will use this second time but only time will tell if Alred’s life was saved.



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