El Capitan ascent in Yosemite National Park killed again


It was the second fatal incident in the last week at the California national park. An unidentified hiker fell off the cables permanently attached to Half Dome, another granite cliff, during a May 21 thunderstorm. El Capitan is the biggest granite monolith in the world, and the Free Blast route is a practically full vertical path to its summit. The both deceased climbers in the accident on Saturday scaled El Capitan several times together in the past but this time they used a riskier method to scale the cliff. There is no fixed anchor to take the force of the fall” with thAT technique. This was the 25th accident resulting in a death on El Capitan.

Yosemite National Park

The first deadly accident  was  in 1968. Rangers are still investigating the cause of the accident. The Park Service says more than 100 climbing accidents happen in the California park each year; 15-25 groups need to be rescued. Climber Alex Honnold last year said that large sections of El Capitan are “basically like walking on a sheet of glass.”


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