A 5-year-old girl in Colorado was attacked near home by a black bear


The mother left the house after hearing her daughter screaming and saw a large black bear dragging the child. Than, the bear dropped the girl who has serious injuries. She was took at St. Mary’s Hospital.

East Orchard Mesa

Mom told wildlife officers the girl went outside after hearing noises she thought could have been made by a dog. The bear bit the girl multiple times on her backside. Fortunately she had no injuries to her brain or chest organs or abdominal organs and no fractures, doctors said. They cleaned and repaired the wounds in a surgery lasting an hour and 45 minutes requiring more 77 stitches. Doctors said her recovery could take several weeks. Family members have asked for privacy. The girl’s father, Duane Cyr, identified her as Kimberly Cyr, 5.The bear, considered dangerous, would be killed once it’s captured, officials said. Three bear traps were installed in the area. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is investigating. A heavy law enforcement presence will be seen throughout the area. Residents are reminded to take precautions to reduce human confrontations with bears. This is about to secure trash, keep pet food inside and immediately report any bear sightings in this neighborhood. However bear attacks on humans are rare.


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