A pickup truck hit a plane at Baltimore-Washington International Airport

A pickup truck hit a Southwest Airlines plane, Boeing 737, flight from Florida, on the runway at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, early Monday morning.

The flight in question , flight 6263, had flown in from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and had landed on the runway at Maryland at 12:10 a.m. EDT when the incident occurred.  „Southwest Flight 6263 was pulling into the gate at Baltimore Washington International Airport when a ground vehicle came into contact with the aircraft. There are no injuries and the 172 passengers are deplaning via airstairs,” the company said. An ambulance was at the scene.

Collision in the airport

Passengers say they unboarded and were led to an area where they were given warm soda, peanuts, and an apology from the airline. After about 30 minutes they were allowed to get their bags. The aircraft has been taken out of service. The condition of the truck driver was not immediately released. The incident came to light after a passenger on the aircraft named Michael Simon tweeted about it upon arrival. Southwest Airlines also tweeted about the incident in response. “As with any event, we will conduct an internal investigation to learn what happened in the interest of safety. It would be irresponsible to provide details until we've had time to thoroughly review the facts,” Southwest spokeswoman Michelle Agnew said. The FAA is investigating. Monday’s accident is the latest in a string of recent issues for Southwest.

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