A man was killed being shot after a dispute, in Nashville


It happened just before 2:30 p.m. in a hallway outside an Auntie Anne’s pretzel store.   The suspect fired at least two shots. After, he surrendered at a ticket booth across the street, where he told people to call 911. The suspect told he wanted no further trouble after putting down his gun.There were multiple reports of gunshots at the mall on Thursday after the incident. A retired California police officer who was visiting Nashville retained the suspect until officers arrived. He also took in custody the weapon. No other injuries were reported. Troopers were already in the mall’s parking lot doing motorcycle training, so they quickly set up a perimeter to support the responding police officers.

The mall from the parking

Ambulances and emergency vehicles were seen outside the mall. The two men involved are aged 22 and were previously known to Nashville police. An investigation is ongoing. The Police Department later confirmed the was the result of an ongoing dispute between two men. Authorities had blocked traffic from entering the mall area. did not immediately release the name of the victim or suspect.

This story will possibly be updated.


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