Police arrested Travis Reinking, who killed four people in a shooting


While Reinking had remained at large, police had warned he was dangerous and said he showed “signs of significant instability.” He was known for police. Last year, police records show that Reinking went to a local pool in Illinois wearing a pink dress and swam in his underwear while coaxing life guards to fight him. Soon after, he traveled to the nation’s capital and tried to cross a security barrier near the White House, declaring himself a “sovereign citizen” who wanted to speak with President Trump. Just four days before the Waffle House Reinking stole a BMW from a dealership in suburban Nashville. His firearms were confiscated after the incident at the White House last summer, but officials said the weapons later ended up back in Reinking’s hands. Before his arrest, police had said Reinking was last seen Sunday morning in a wooded area behind his apartment.


More than 80 Nashville police officers searched for Reinking early Monday, authorities said. Authorities had offered a reward of up to $2,500 for information leading to his arrest. Details of the arrest weren’t immediately available. It’s unclear whether Reinking was armed when he was arrested. He is expected to face four counts of first-degree murder.


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