Hidden camera found inside a bathroom at an Atlanta Starbucks location


The camera, taped under the baby changing station, had dozens of videos on it, including some footage of people using the bathroom. The woman who found the camera reportedly handed it over to a Starbucks manager, who said he would alert the corporate office until the customer convinced him to call 911 instead. Local public safety officers are now investigating the incident. The manager gave the camera to police for inspection. Investigators found 25 videos stored on the camera.


“We’ve learned that the device had about an hours worth of recorded video on it and detectives found 8 to 10 men and women videotaped while in that restroom. A lot of it was men using the urinal so they were from the back but there were a few images of women using the toilet, but nothing was clear enough to identify a private area. We do know none of the victims were children,” a police officer told to media. No suspects have been identified yet. The local incident comes just days after the coffee chain announced it’s going to close 8,000 of its stores on May 29 to provide racial-bias training for employees. Police say whoever is responsible faces a charge of eavesdropping, which is a felony.


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