Four killed, several others injured in a shooting Sunday at a restaurant near Nashville


Then he went inside and fired several more shots. The shooter said nothing during rampage. Police later identified the suspect as 29-year-old Travis Reinking. The patron at the restaurant, identified as James Shaw Jr., 29, in a courageous intervention, wrestled the rifle away from him. The attacker fled after this. Police found several ammunition cartridges in the gunman’s jacket left at the scene. They said a man believed to be Reinking was last seen in a wooded area near an apartment complex less than a mile from the Waffle House.

The riffle used in the attack

“He was only wearing a jacket and nothing else on,” Cordero, a roadside-assistance worker, said of the gunman. The person who wrestled the rifle away from the shooter is a “hero,” police said. “I had a chance to stop him and thankfully I stopped him. I grabbed the gun and kept it down. He had one hand on it. I pulled it away and threw it over the bar,” Shaw explained. About 30 people in the restaurant at the time of the shooting. There were 35 officers responding to the shooting. „ My heart goes out to the families & friends of every person who was killed or wounded in this morning’s shooting. I know all of their lives will be forever changed by this devasting crime,” Nashville Mayor David Briley said in a statement on Twitter.Manhunt for the attacker is underway.


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