A Mississippi girl who weighs 380 pounds has been crowned a pageant queen


“She eats anything she can get,” Anna’s mom, Jennifer Hankins, told to media. The ninth grader was born prematurely and underweight, but as a toddler developed an insatiable appetite and was diagnosed with the condition at 2 years old. “When she was little, the first words out of her mouth were ‘I’m hungry’ and the last ones were ‘I’m hungry'”, her mother, Jennifer declared. Doctors have the teen on a restrictive diet of 900 calories per day, but because her body does not break down food properly, she is unable lose weight. She currently tips the scales at 380 pounds. As a result, she needs oxygen to help her breathe. Fortunately, she has however a strong self-confidence.

Anna at the pageant

Anna first got involved in the pageant world in fourth grade and has since participated in three events. She won the state title every time. “I love Miss Amazing,” Anna says. “My favorite thing is singing and makeup and hair.”  “Anna is an amazing ambassador; she is very popular and she loves participating.” Lori Brasfield-Sanders, director of Miss Amazing Mississippi, told to media. PWS is a complex genetic disorder affecting appetite, growth, metabolism, cognitive function and behavior


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