A firefighter in New York died on Friday battling blaze which occurred where a Bruce Willis movie is filmed


The firefighter Michael Davidson, of Harlem’s Engine Company 68, became separated from his crew as 175 firefighters were battling the blaze. Members tried to find firefighter Davidson but when they did he was unconscious and later he died. The film crew were inside the building on the ground floor, with actors dressed up in period costumes for a scene in the movie, set in the 1950s. The fire reportedly broke out in the basement of the building, which had previously housed a jazz bar and pub, in Harlem, Manhattan.

The blaze in Harlem

Thanks to the work of more than 175 NYFD firefighters, and dozens of vehicles, the fire was extinguished. Eric Phillips, a spokesman for New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted on Friday: ‘This is an awful night. We’ve lost an NYC firefighter. He’s a hero firefighter. No words. 4 young kids.’ The New York Fire Department said two other firefighters suffered burns and are currently in serious condition, and three civilians were injured, although is is not known if they are part of the film crew.” Motherless Brooklyn” movie being filmed is a crime drama set in 1950s New York based on a murder mystery novel by Jonathan Lethem.


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