The author of the bombings in Austin was identified and killed himself


When police followed him on Interstate 35 in Round Rock, Mark Conditt ignited one of his homemade devices from inside his vehicle early Wednesday and killed himself. It was very difficult to identify him. Conditt was a home-schooled student who had attended Austin Community College. He described himself on a blog as “not that politically inclined.” Friends and neighbors described him as a loner. “He was a nerd, always reading, devouring books and computers and things like that,” a woman friend of the family said. The attacks began when a package bomb detonated on the porch of an Austin home, killing Anthony Stephan House, 39.

Police investigating Conditt’s car

The investigation was based on surveillance footage in and near an Austin-area FedEx store showing a man in a disguise dropping off packages. But to identify the suspect it was a long way.“We haven’t seen an effort like this in many, many years,” said Christopher H. Combs, special agent in charge of the F.B.I.’s office in San Antonio. Many detail were considered, including pink construction gloves which he weared and linked him to another surveillance camera data from Home Depot location. The license plates of the car were later identified and the next steps quickly developed. The investigators have even a 25 minutes confession about his personal life, recorded on his phone. The only answer they not have is why he procedeed to use the home made bombs to kill innocent people.


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