A fourth bomb explosion in Austin, Sunday, injured two people


“These events in Austin have garnered worldwide attention, and we assure you that we are listening,” Chief Manley said in addressing the unknown bomber or bombers.“We want to understand what brought you to this point, and we want to listen to you.” Two men in their 20s were taken to a hospital with serious injuries.

Police at the scene, in Austin

The Austin police chief, Brian Manley, said at an evening news conference that the police were asking residents within a half-mile radius of the explosion to stay indoors until officers could conduct a search for bombs. Investigators had not established a motive for the explosive packages but was known that a degree of skill was required to assemble, transport and deliver the devices without an accidental explosion. Since Mars 12, the day of the first two explosions, officers responded to more than 700 calls reporting suspicious packages. “We’re looking for anyone that could have been involved in making bombs in the past in Texas, and really anywhere in the United States,” authorities say. Chief Manley said on Sunday that the combined rewards offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case had been increased to $115,000, from $65,000.


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