A California boy, aged 14, pretended to be a sheriff’s deputy


He visited two homes, claiming to be responding to a domestic disturbance call. He also stopped at least one driver on Monday night. He was able to get the driver’s information and he let her go with a warning.


The suspect was detained at the High Desert Juvenile Detention Center after arrest. During a later search of the boy’s home, investigators said they discovered a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department uniform he allegedly wore. They also found a large amount of counterfeit money, simulations firearms, ballistic vests, and other law enforcement related items. The boy was on probation at the time of his arrest. It was not immediately clear how he procured the Sherrif uniform and why he had a such strange idea. It wasn’t clear if the boy lived with his great-grandfather or how he was able to access the vehicle. The investigation is ongoing as police attempt to determine if there are additional victims.


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