A 20-year-old Oregon man filled a lawsuit because he was banned to buy a rifle


Dick’s Sporting Goods reacted after the Parkland, Fla., school massacre and released a statement that outlined specific measures that gun legislation should cover, with a bulleted list that outlined several commonly cited measures for gun-control reform. The memo called for banning assault-style firearms, raising the minimum age for gun purchases, banning high-capacity magazines and bump stocks, requiring universal background checks that include relevant mental-health data and “previous interactions with the law” requiring a database of prohibited buyers, and closing the private-sale and gun show loophole. The Walmart also announced they will defend their decision in court.


The lawsuit comes as the debate about gun control heats up on Capitol Hill and the “March for Our Lives” movement gains momentum nationwide. To impose restrictions , however, it will not be an easy task. At least not without a massive mobilization of the lawmakers and officials all around. As an example, on Monday, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed gun control bill HB4143 into law, closing the “intimate Partner Loophole,” barring all convicted stalkers and domestic abusers from owning or buying guns and ammunition.


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