An United Airlines flight to Los Angeles was forced to made an emergency landing


No injuries were reported. Late Tuesday, the company made a statement and specified the smoke was in the lavatory, not in the cockpit. Hotel accomodation was provided for the passengers. United also took care to help them resume their travels on Wednesday. The incident will be technically investigated. To remember, earlier this month in  another incident part of a plane’s engine fell apart in midair leaving metal pieces flapping in the wind.

Pilots in a plane cockpit

United Airlines is a major U.S. airline headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. It operates a large domestic and international route network, with an extensive presence in the Asia-Pacific region. Its main competitors are American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Alaska Airlines  and Southwest Airlines. United is the official airline of the New York Giants. United sponsors six of Chicago’s seven major professional sports teams: the Chicago Bears, the Chicago Blackhawks, the Chicago Bulls, the Chicago Fire Soccer Club, the Chicago Sky, and the Chicago White Sox.


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