Vintage items linked to Apple and computer revolution were sold for big money at RR Auction House


An auction titled “Steve Jobs and the Apple Computer Revolution” which was organized by Boston-based RR Auction this week sold many items for big money. It featured items signed by Apple co-founders Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. Bidders paid nearly $55,000 for an unopened first-generation iPhone, about $61,000 for an early Atari keyboard prototype and $25,000 for a 1980s Bill Gates computer. Some Jobs’ handwritten technical notes and instructions sold for $12,501. The Executive Vice President Bobby Livingston of RR Auction declared the auction house has become experts at authenticating early Apple products and the rare instances of Jobs’ signature or handwriting.


Nobody’s buying these devices to use them. “Many of our clients live in the Bay Area. They’ve become extremely wealthy because of their associations with computers and internet technology,” he also observed. The RR Auction House was established in 1976. During time, the monthly auctions sold historical documents, manuscripts, autographs, artifacts, sports collectibles, spaceflight memorabilia, presidential items and more. Some of the started or upcoming themed auctions are: „ Fine Autograph and Artifacts Featuring Classical Music” and „Space Exploration and Aviation” (April 2023) , „Fine Autograph and Artifacts Featuring Science and Technology” (May 2023) , „Fine Autograph and Artifacts Featuring Art and Literature” (June 2023).