President Trump believes that arming teachers will stop deadly attacks on schools


The proposal was backed by the National Rifle Association, whose leaders he called “Great American Patriots. In several morning tweets, Trump said he envisioned about 20 percent of teachers having concealed weapons and said they would have “military or special training experience.” ” White House spokesman Raj Shah said Trump remains open to a range of actions.


Trump continued to float the ideas of improving a federal database used for background checks and raising the minimum age for purchasing semiautomatic weapons to 21 from 18. As he promised this week to take action in the wake of the Parkland , Trump directed Attorney General Jeff Sessions to propose regulations to ban “bump stocks” and other devices that turn semiautomatic firearms into “machine guns. Trump also pressed the idea Thursday of taking additional steps to prevent mentally ill or troubled people from obtaining guns.”Some critics  accused Trump of already giving in to the gun lobby. Republican congressional leaders remained largely silent Thursday about Trump’s public deliberations.


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