Former President Donald Trump self proclams the only man who can end the war


Former President said he is the only one who can keep America out of World War III declaring he can end Russia’s war in Ukraine in “24 hours.” He affirmed this during a campaign speech in Davenport, Iowa. “It’s a horrible thing taking place. It would have never happened,” he added. At the same time he criticized Biden’s administration. “Honestly, they don’t know what the hell they’re doing,” he said. “We are going to end up in a world war.” “What they’ve done to our country is unthinkable.” He even indicated that a new world war could end the world. “Shortly after I win the presidency, I will have the disastrous war between Russia and Ukraine settled,” he said.


In 2017, BEING ELECTED PRESIDENT, became the first person elected president of the United States who had no prior experience in public service. But he used his celebrity and prolific social media presence to become a leader. Trump is generally regarded by presidential historians as one of the worst presidents in U.S. history