Severe winter weather in the weekend across America


Dead victims, at least 12 people (in Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi) were reported in several American states as sever winter weather spreads. Many tornadoes and heavy snow occurred in the South. The National Weather Service in Louisville called the storm on Friday “powerful and historic.” Bad weather extends in Northeast. More than one million people in the weekend had no power. States most impacted include Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Indiana and Michigan. In several places trees failed, blocked roads and damaged cars. Some counties are under state emergency.


Millions along the West Coast and in New England are under strong wind alerts. In Texas, Louisiana and Alabama, the storms damaged homes and businesses and caused flight disruptions at airports. Parts of central New York and southern New England may see more than 30cm (a foot) of snow by Saturday afternoon. Many communities brace for another round of bad weather.Emergency crews are working hard in mountains. Violent storms are frequent in the southern US in winter months, meteorologists say.