United Airlines Flight 1175 from San Francisco made an emergency landing Tuesday


Pilots were able to land the plane safely and there were no reports of any injuries. The incident didn’t prompt any delays at the airport. United said in a statement that Flight 1175 “called for an emergency landing due to a mechanical issue.” All passengers “deplaned normally at the gate,” the company said. The NTSB is sending a team of two to investigate the incident. Some passengers called the flight “absolutely terrifying.”

Damaged engine

They were prepared for impact. Everyone declared the crew did an amazing job.  People on board made photos and video of the damaged engine and posted them on social media. A closer look at the engine shows a missing blade in the fan. This type of incident doesn’t happen often and pilots aren’t trained for this specific scenario, experts say. “What the pilot is looking for is how this event will affect the range of plane, because there is more drag,” aviation expert Peter Forman explained. The same plane was involved in another incident eight years ago. In 2010, turbulence forced the crew to make an emergency landing. Flight 967 from Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles landed in Denver. More than two dozen people were hurt.


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