Helicopter crash with several fatalities in The Grand Canyon


It was unclear if the pilot is injured or deceased. The four injured people were not immediately be transported by air due to 50 mph wind gusts, even if state department of public safety helicopters were at the scene. Rescue efforts were still ongoing late Saturday. The multi-agency effort, he said, included the Hualapai Nation Police Department, Hualapai Tribe Emergency Services, Mojave County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue and the Arizona Department of Public safety.

The Grand Canion

The crashed helicopter was an Eurocopter EC130.and the aircraft sustained substantial damage. According to Papillion Airway’s website, the carrier flies roughly 600,000 passengers a year on Grand Canyon and other tours. The tour company advertises itself on its website as the “World’s Largest Grand Canyon Sightseeing Company.” Rates for tours range from $109-$224, with a more expensive $554 flight that includes landing at the bottom of the canyon, a meal and walk along the Skywalk bridge.


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