Naked passenger forced an Alaska Airlines flight to return at Achorage


Airport police and FBI met the plane when it landed shortly before 3 a.m. he passenger was escorted off the flight by officers. It wasn’t immediately clear if the man was arrested. There were 178 passengers on the flight. A witness said the passenger who disrupted flight ‘did not appear to be in his right mind’. The reboarded flight took off for Seattle just after 6:30 a.m. A spokeswoman for U.S. Attorney for Alaska, Bryan Schroder Chloe Martin, later said no charges were filed against the passenger Wednesday afternoon.

Alaska Airlines jet

Alaska Airlines had several incidents due to passengers’ behavior, in the recent time. Some incidents are time consuming and produce loses to the airlines. In a separate development on the same day. Wednesday, former Alaska Airlines pilot David Hans Arntson, 62, pleaded guilty to flying a commercial jetliner while under the influence of alcohol under an agreement with federal prosecutors. 


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