Possible serial killer attacks homeless in Las Vegas


The two men who have died have been identified as 68-year-old James Edgar Lewis and 51-year-old Brian Wayne Clegg, Police say the suspect was seen fleeing the scene after in a dark colored SUV. “There’s no fight. There’s no argument. It’s basically an execution,” Lt. Dan McGrath said during a news conference.

Surveillance video from the street

The shooter is described as white or Hispanic male about 6 feet tall, driving a 2016-2018 Hyundai Tucson sport limited SUV, in either a silver, grey or lighter blue color. Police are asking the public to share any surveillance from the area of the shootings in Las Vegas on Jan. 29, and Feb. 2. Previously, a few years ago, an alarmingly high number of sex workers went missing from the Las Vegas area and the cases remained open. All of the women were about 5’5’’ tall, weighed about the same and had blondish hair.


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