Hispanic Voters Mandate Against Romney


In accordance with the exit polls, 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama won the lion’s share of the Hispanic vote and received 71 percent of their votes compared to Romney’s mere 27 percent. The margin is even greater than what Obama achieved against John McCain in 2008. The Hispanics votes were crucial since they constituted 10% of the electorate in this year’s election. Most importantly, in the coming elections, as many as in excess of 3 millions more Hispanic voters will turn eligible to cast their votes. This means, the Hispanic voters will be even more crucial especially for the Republicans if they are to regain power in 2016.

The reality is quite clear to even the Republicans but the issue is that the Republicans have no solution to the issue at hand.  But, the focus can certainly be identified if looked thoroughly. Republicans are against immigration reforms but Hispanics are not. This has led to the downfall of the Republicans in this year’s election. They must have to adopt newer policies to catch in the Hispanic voters.



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