Unexpected tragedy at a hospital in Daytona Beach, Florida


A 76-year-old woman, Ellen Gilland, fatally shot her terminally ill husband, 77, in the head, while he was at a hospital on Saturday at AdventHealth Daytona Beach, Florida.


The police negotiated with the woman in order for her to surrender after she had confined herself to his room, officials said. She was taken into custody after about one hour and the use of a non lethal device. Nobody else has been injured. They believe the couple had a suicide agreement planned approximately three weeks ago. It was also said the man intended to turn the gun on himself but was physically too weak to do it. The womam don’t achieved to take her own life after the man died. Many patients were evacuated, some of them being on ventilators. The woman will be charged with first-degree murder. We are devastated by the tragedy that unfolded at the AdventHealth Daytona Beach campus today, and our prayers are with those impacted. We are grateful for the Daytona Beach Police Department in helping ensure the safety of our patients, team members and visitors.” AdventHealth hospital said in a statement.