A 7-year-old-boy was handcuffed by police at Florida school


The teacher was able to restrain the boy from further accosting her but, the report suggests, the boy “continued to fight her with his fists and legs” and the tussling forced both the teacher and the boy “to fall to the ground.” But even on the ground the boy didn’t stop and “continued to fight the teacher, grabbing her hair and pulling it towards him,” according to the report. After, the boy was finally restrained “where he was not able to move” and sent to the principal’s office.

Handcuffed boy

The attaked teacher wanted to press charges. The boy was handcuffed and moved to the hospital. “The manner in which he was transported to the receiving facility was done in accordance with standard operating procedures,” said Ian Moffett, chief of the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department. “For my kids it was terrible,” the father of the boy said. Finally, the 7-year-old son apologized, saying: ‘Sorry to those people, and the police officer.” His mother, Mercy Álvarez, calls the incident “police abuse” and is considering suing the Miami-Dade School District. It was the second time in less than three months that school authorities punished her son by calling the police for behavioral problems. “He does not have a mental disorder,” says Álvarez.


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