Methamphetamine contamination discovered in two public librairies in Colorado


The Englewood Public Library in Englewood, about seven miles south of downtown Denver, was closed as well as a lobby and some restrooms in the nearby Englewood Civic Center after it was found it was contaminated with methamphetamine. Previously, in the same state, Colorado, in a library in downtown Boulder, were received reports of people smoking meth in the library’s restrooms.The enire library was cleaned, some seating, public computers and laptops were removed.


“Libraries are not just a place to check out books and do research anymore. The library, which is next to a light rail stop, has confronted numerous safety issues over the years,” Marie Hotta, the chair of the Englewood Public Library board, said. The American Library Association said in a statement on Monday that, at this time, incidents involving methamphetamine contamination in library buildings appeared to be limited to Colorado. State and local governments have different standards for determining what level of meth contamination is safe for the public but fact is the number of deaths associated with stimulants like meth reached more than 30,000 in 2021.