Car recovered from the second floor of a building, after crash


The sedan’s front half was wedged inside the building while the back half hung out about 10 feet above a sidewalk. The dental practice was closed at the time, which was about 5:25 a.m. The Los Angeles County Fire Department used a specialized forklift and wrecker to remove the car. They had also to remove a person from the car. Another inside the vehicle was able to exit on his own. After all, the driver and a passenger sustained minor injuries.


The driver told officers he had used drugs before the crash. The authorities had filed a charge of driving under the influence. A giant hole remained on the second floor of the dental office. Debris from the building lay scattered on the floor. A fire was quickly extinguished after the crash. Public works officials also responded to the crash to examine the integrity of the building. A motel was located near the damaged building. The OCFA tweeted that the car “went airborne and landed into the building.”


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