22 LA County Sheriff’s recruits on training run were struck by by a car in Whittier


More than 20 law enforcement recruits, attendees of the Sheriff’s Training Academy and Regional Services (STARS) Center in Whittier, Southern California, have been injured near Mills Avenue and Trumball Street after a wrong way driver plowed into them while out on a morning run as part of a training exercise on Wednesday. They weared high-visibility vests.The incident happened at around 6:29 a.m. Five individuals had critical injuries, four had moderate injuries and another 14 had minor injuries. Paramedics sent up a triage area at the scene. All victims were taken to multiple hospitals in the area. The driver is 22-year-old. It’s The driver, who was not identified, has been arrested. He also suffered minor injuries. The car was completely wrecked after it crashed into a light pole.


The scene of the accident was described by a whitness as “surreal”. “There were so many people. Everyone was kind of in various conditions, some were unconscious, some were still conscious, some with really bad injuries to their legs. There was people bleeding from their face.”Several neighbors rushed to help some of the recruits by giving them water and towels. The circumstances of the crash were under investigation. Roads were closed in the area for hours. “We are praying for the LASD recruits involved in today’s accident in Whittier,” the Pomona Police Department tweeted. The Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, the union that represents deputies, said it was monitoring the unfolding situation.