Fire in a Bronx apartment building and at least 16 were injured


The fire broke out in a furniture store on the first floor of a building in the Van Nest section of the Bronx. The flames quickly spread through the building. Firefighters arrived in less than 4 minutes. About two dozen fire trucks were at the scene as a half-dozen ladder trucks worked on the flames. Firefighters broke windows to get residents out of the building as the fire continued to rage in the upper floors.

Image from the scene of

The displaced residents were placed on an MTA bus so they could keep warm while firefighters continued battling the blaze. Fire officials have asked neighboring residents to avoid the smoke. Four people were seriously injured in life threatening condition. Fortunately, none of the others suffered serious or life-threatening wounds. hose who required medical attention were taken to Jacobi Medical Center. There are no reports of anyone missing. The cause of the blaze has to be determined. The massive fire comes less than a week after another fire, caused by a child playing with a stove, killed at least 12 people, including several children.


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