Delta flight returned to airport because a tiny bird was in the cockpit


The humorous incident turned into a significant inconvenience. A tiny bird was discovered later in the cockpit and the pilot’s decision was made “out of an abundance of caution” to “avoid a potential distraction.” If the bird flapped into an instrument panel it was a danger. The bird was able to sneak on board undetected. The captain said he had never seen a such thing in his 20 years as a pilot. Back in Detroit, airline’s workers were able to locate the unwelcome passenger, trap it in a towel, and set it free outside.


Some believe it was a sparrow. Some, a hummingbird. In fact, a precise information was not released. Later, all human passengers safely arrived in Atlanta. It was a long delay. Some passengers had to rebook their flights because the delay caused them to miss their connecting flights. They said however safety has to come first. In all situations which can occur during a flight the captain in the only person authorized to make decisions. The aviation rules give already priority to flights safety concerns.


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