Ice-covered Niagara Falls winter attraction on the New Year’s Eve

You know ? The US is colder than the surface of Mars. Polar winds from the Arctic are being blamed for the precipitous drop in temperatures over the past week. This New years' eve will be coldest it seems for North Americans. The frigid weather has meant pictures of a "frozen Niagara Falls."

Parts of the famed Niagara Falls are freezing.The plunging water freezes as it lands on the surrounding rocks, railings and everything else. It’s a real attraction now for people from all around the world. Niagara Falls State Park is one of the only state parks in the country opened 24/7, 365 days a year. Niagara is now a “winter wonderland.”  Tourists enjoy the spectacular views of Niagara Falls.

Kid regarding Niagara Falls

People like this and exclaim: "The falls and the trees covered in snow are like magic land ! "The falls are amazing !" “It’s cool, we like it !” “Better than I thought !” "I never saw it like this before. It's awesome !" “I love this !” "It's absolutely beautiful ! “"A lot of people see it in the summer, beautiful, but this is another kind of beauty, and we need to enjoy it !” Temperatures are expected to stay in the teens or single digits at the falls for the next week, according to meteorologists. On the New Year’s Eve, Niagara Falls has its party. Tens of thousands of people are expected to brave the cold.