About 100 cars massive pileup occurred in Denver area after a snowstorm


After Denver metro area received 2 to 5 inches of snow overnight about 100 cars crashed into each other in a massive pileup. Six drivers had to be removed using extrication tools used to pry open vehicles. Some people were transported to hospitals with injuries. Injuries to almost all drivers and passengers were minor, said Denver Police spokesperson Doug Schepman. Of those transported to the hospital, one driver’s condition was serious. Sixth Avenue was closed in both directions between N Klamath Street and N Federal Boulevard early Friday. Police declared a “crash alert,” meaning the volume of wrecks were too high for them to respond to every single one.


“I tried my best to stop, but it wasn’t working out, [I] slid into a dump truck, got hit like four more times, truck’s gone. My driver’s side door is basically in my seat now. Truck’s gone, it’s crazy. I’m alright though, so I guess everything’s okay,” one driver involved declared. Officials were working to clear a path for involved drivers to leave. Vehicles that were left abandoned were towed to Empower Field at Mile High. “It’s just the weather conditions, when people are driving too fast,” fire department captain J.D. Chism SAID. The exact cause of the crash was still under investigation. Multivehicle crashes also closed the Interstate 25 North ramp to U.S. Highway 36 and a section of Central Park Boulevard.