Mayor Bloomberg Appreciates President Obama


According to him, President Obama has savored the country during many critical points and he has also tried his best to build confidence among investors and ensure economic growth. One of the main issues that h successfully resolved include climate change. Bloomberg further added that president has made tremendous efforts to reduce the carbon footprints by setting new standards for fuel efficiency in new cars during his four years of Presidentship.

Michael Bloomberg said that President and his administration have also played an important role in controlling the emissions of mercury. It will help stop the working of power plants run by coal. According to estimates, emissions from coal power plants can kill near 13,000 Americans every year. The mayor has not completely admired the services of Obama administration and criticized their services. However, he also stated that Mitt Romney has made President busy with other matters and has not worked for critical issues like climate change.

President Obama has taken the words of mayor in a very positive way and considered his endorsement as an honor for himself. Obama said that they do not agree on every matter but they agree on most important matters at hand. Both agreed that education is must for everyone to boost the economy and it has become very important and necessary to deal with climate issue because change in climate is a risk for the next generation and it is their responsibility to take steps to achieve sustainability.

Mayor also stated that there Mitt Romney backed up from an important plan for saving the climate. There is a need of strong and dedicated leadership that can take steps for saving the nation and for making bright future of nation. The mayor also linked the disastrous sandy storm with the climate change. Mayor and administration of Obama waited for president to visit the New York but he did not visit New York, instead he visited New Jersey. Mayor also wrote some critical points about Obama in his blog. He said that Obama has not paid much attention on the illegal use and possession of guns, illegal immigration and job creations for young people.


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