A Pennsylvania woman received an enormous electric bill


She was given a full payment due date of November 2018. Just to have a comparison term, the $284 billion charge was larger than the national debts of several countries around the world, including the combined debts of Hungary and South Africa.  And the bill was actually roughly two percent of the U.S. National debt as a whole, which stands at $14.6 trillion. “My eyes just about popped out of my head,” she said. “We had put up Christmas lights and I wondered if we had put them up wrong,” she said to media.

The enormous electric bill

What do you think about this ? Sure, it was an error, Penelec confirmed and the amount was corrected to $284.46. Mark Durbin, a spokesman for Penelec’s parent company First Energy, said he doesn’t know how the error occurred but obviously a decimal point was accidentally moved. The woman told her son that she wanted a different Christmas present, a heart monitor, because of her shock over the bill.


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