A little girl from Texas asked Santa for a blanket


Now the goal is to reach 724 blankets, one for each student at Monte Cristo Elementary School. So far, the school has collected more than 600 blankets. Reality is that 96 percent of the school is economically disadvantaged, Edinburg school district Superintendent Rene Gutierrez told to media. “Some students go home and they don’t have a heater,” Gutierrez said. “They may not have food on the table, may not have the basic needs to study and do homework.”


The school posted photos of some of the donations, writing, “God bless all the people who donated blankets and toys for the children.” “I never expected for students to ask for things we usually take for granted,” Ruth Espiricueta, Crystal’s teacher, a first-grade teacher at Monte Cristo Elementary School in Edinburg, Texas, said to media. “I had no idea she was going through hard times being that she is always at school with a big smile,” Espiricueta said of her student. Do you know other kids with so different needs today ? Maybe you can help Santa too to remain a magical memory in their life !


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