Florida is counting deaths and destructions after Hurricane Ian


The last reported number on Monday of killed people by Hurricane Ian in Florida was at least one hundred, days after the storm made landfall at Category 4 strength. The death toll may rise even more as the search is ongoing. Most deaths have been reported in Lee County. Nearly 600,000 homes, businesses and other customers in Florida still did not have power as of early Monday afternoon and many don’t have yet clean water for drinking. Hurricane Ian was the most expensive storm in Florida’s history.Some parts of the state continue to experience significant flooding, especially in areas near the St. Johns River, Lake Monroe, and Lake Harney. “It’s just not the coast of Florida that’s been impacted. We’ve got impacts all the way through Orlando, up to the East Coast. Places like St. Augustine had devastating flooding,” former FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate told media.


On Sanibel Island, Pine Island, Fort Myers Beach, and in other hard-hit areas search and rescue personnel have been going door-to-door searching properties for anyone who may need to be evacuated, About 400 people evacuated from Sanibel Island over the weekend.In some parts power can be out for weeks. Florida is also working with SpaceX CEO Elon Musk to use his company’s Starlink satellite Internet service to help restore communication in the state. Emergency work is not over.After Florida, Ian struck South Carolina next, bringing flooding rain, storm surge and heavy winds to the area. Using peer-reviewed techniques, scientists have attributed at least 10% of Hurricane Ian’s precipitation to climate change.