Woman arrested after threatening passengers on a flight to Sacramento


The woman was ordered back to her seat but began yelling irrationally, threatening and demanding that the plane land. She pushed a flight attendant and had to be physically restrained by passengers and crew for the remaining 30 minutes of the flight. She was wearing a hat, sunglasses and overcoat. A passenger on the flight made a video recording the whole story. Pilots called in an emergency and landed in Sacramento.

Valerie Curbelo

Southwest Airlines said in a statement Monday that the plane received priority treatment from air traffic control to land quickly. Sheriff’s deputies were waiting at the airport and arrested the woman. Speaking to a reporter after she was on jail, Curbelo said she intended to smoke because the anxiety and said “it was not me” when was asked why she threatened the people on the plane. She was booked into the Sacramento County Jail on the charge of making criminal threats. It’s unclear whether she has a lawyer. The flight carried 136 passengers and a crew of five.


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