Emergency was declared by power grid operator in California


California’s power grid operator declared a stage 3 energy emergency alert Tuesday evening. California’s energy grid runs on a mix of mostly solar and natural gas during the day. „California is experiencing an unprecedented heatwave. This will be the hottest & longest on record for September.Our energy grid is being pushed to its max,” Governor Gavin Newsom declared. Residents were warned to be prepared for the possibility of rotating power outages due to the potential for electricity supply on the larger Western region grid to fall short of the increased demand. Some 67,000 Californians were already without power Monday evening. A vast majority of those residents impacted are in the South Bay in areas like Morgan Hill, Campbell, Cupertino and San Jose.


Four temporary emergency power generators deployed by the Department of Water Resources in Roseville and Yuba City were activated for the first time since they were installed last year. “Before 4pm, pre-cool your home. After 4pm, avoid use of major appliances and turn your thermostat to 78 or higher,” it was asked. Climate change was invoked again for this situation, because it’s putting continued stress on the system. Temperatures in the state capital of Sacramento head toward 114 degrees. demand could hit an all-time record of 51,000 megawatts, as power demand for air conditioner use remains high.