Emergency declaration on water crisis in Mississippi’s capital – Jackson city


The water system in Jackson, Mississippi’s capital, failed, plagued with problems for years. Now residents are contending with no water coming out of their faucets, or at times seeing brown water. The problems at the water treatment plant came after the city appeared to largely avoid widespread flooding from a Pearl River swollen by days of heavy rain.The main water treatment facility in the capital city began failing Monday. A major pump was damaged. No timeline was given to be fixed. Homes and businesses were left with little to no water pressure. “It means the city cannot produce enough water to fight fires, to reliably flush toilets, and to meet other critical needs,” Gov. Tate Reeves of Mississippi said during an emergency briefing. Officials warned that whatever did flow from faucets was not safe to consume. Officials will distribute drinkable and non-drinkable water to residents, Reeves said.


Reeves also activated Mississippi’s National Guard to assist in Jackson. All Jackson Public School District students shifted to remote learning on Tuesday. Bagged breakfast and lunch are being served at all JPS schools except for Forest Hill High School, which is closed for meals due to inadequate water pressure. Several schools have air conditioning systems which depends on water to run effectively. Hinds County School District Superintendent Delesicia Martin said the district was providing bottled water to students and staff at three schools.The water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi, has affected businesses and even the Jackson State football team. President Joe Biden approved Mississippi’s emergency declaration on Tuesday and ordered Federal assistance to supplement the state’s response efforts.