President Biden tested again positive for Covid 19


President Joe Biden, 79 years old, has tested positive for COVID-19 again, just days after he recovered from his previous case of the virus but he is not experiencing any symptoms. His physician, Col. Kevin O’Connor, said he will not begin any sort of treatment at this time and he will nevertheless “reinitiate strict isolation procedures.” O’Connor called “‘rebound’ positivity,” which can happen to a small percentage of patients who are treated with the drug Paxlovid, an antiviral treatment made by Pfizer.


In a tweet, the president said he is “still at work” but isolating “for the safety of everyone around me.” As a consequence he will not go on his upcoming trips to Wilmington, Delaware, or Michigan. On Sarurday afternoon, Biden shared a video of himself at the White House with his dog, Commander. She was also involved to help with administrative decisions people affected by damaging flooding in Kentucky. „Today, I added Individual Assistance to the Major Disaster declaration I approved to expedite support to flooding survivors,” he said. Vice President Kamala Harris tested negative for COVID on Friday. first lady Dr. Jill Biden, who has been staying at the couple’s Delaware home since her husband first tested positive, also remains negative.